Trapper keepers. Mall photo booths. Video stores. The Cranberries. If any of the aforementioned items have you reminiscing of simpler times, then you, my friend, were a kid or teen in the 90s. I can also ascertain you experienced the peak of the made-for-TV movie. A low-budget melodrama that explored a fictional or fact-based story involving love, lust, crime and/or all three.

What if I told you a brand new show casts a nostalgic-fueled spell on viewers, sending them back – waaay back, back into time – when the only care in the world was remembering to record ABC’s T.G.I.F. because you were catching a new film at the dollar cinema. Such a show exists in Freeform’s Cruel Summer, the 90s teen mystery guilty pleasure I didn’t know I needed.