A day late but worth the wait is my recap of the series from the past two evenings. I managed to catch Monday’s live return of my favorite CW shows, All American and Black Lightning. While the former has been renewed for a fourth season, the DC comic series has been canceled. Fortunately both shows are planning to expand their universes with potential spinoffs.

Tuesday centered the Pearson brothers on This Is Us; and, New Amsterdam followed with heart-wrenching topical episode. Catch my recap and thoughts after the jump.


Something stinks in the city of Boston and it’s not the growing heroin on the streets. Showtime’s police drama City On a Hill has returned for its second season. While the first focused on the the sprawling history of infamous bank robberies, this season takes aim on the growing issue of drugs in a particular Boston project. As the violence increases, the beef between Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) and Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) burns with a new intensity.

Since January my Friday viewings have pretty much consisted of nothing but superhero stories. We started with Disney’s WandaVision, setting off Marvel’s new televised universe until Black Widow in July. Now we’ve added the latest MCU series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Amazon Prime’s Invincible. Both series have reached their halfway points, so let’s dig into what I thought thus far.