peak tv

As a child of the 90s, I’m a product of television’s transition from a luxury to a necessity. While my parents remember an era when all programming ended at a certain time of the day, I and my peers grew up among the development of 24/7 TV. Morning cartoons and new programs; day time talk shows and hour long soaps; Oprah and 5 o’clock news; and finally, evenings of must see TV to discuss the next day. Now as an adult, that experience has multiplied due to the internet. Kids today have instantaneous access – desktop or mobile –  where we were limited to a wired hookup when the landline phone wasn’t being used. Because of this splintering, TV isn’t just what is viewed live at a set time. It’s what’s streamed, recorded and recycled at one’s leisure. Peak television. As a result, there is just simply too much to watch. And I hate it.I do not necessarily hate the array of options available. If I did I wouldn’t have Netflix, HuluPlus, HBO Now and (a pending) Starz accounts. As a self-proclaimed couch potato, I relish in it. I simply hate having to select one or multiple shows over another. My FOMO sets in and I panic momentarily. For awhile I refused to be a DVR’ing, second time around viewer. I prided myself on seeing it first. But with a TV schedule like mine (see below), that routine isn’t plausible. And it shouldn’t have to be when TV on your time is the move. As the wired experience becomes less attractive with each sprouting streaming service, I grow more willing to let go, and let OnDemand. It’s quite honestly made me more keen on what I consume, and sharpening my eye for good, quality work. My 9-11 pm TV consumption is top notch, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I Want M(y)TV

The tagline from MTV’s early days is the current mantra for television viewers. We not only want TV, but we want it catered to our abbreviated lifestyles. Our ad-free culture has sliced the overpriced cable box into an affordable smorgasbord of niche programming. The revolution will not be televised, it will be {insert new viewing verb here} soon and very soon. Until then, here is my current weekly viewing habit.

  • Sunday
    • American Crime – 9
    • FEUD: Bette and Joan – 10
  • Monday
    •  The Breaks – 9 
    • Humans – 10
  • Tuesday
    • This Is Us – 9
    • The Americans – 10
  • Wednesday
    • The 100 – 8
    • Underground – 9 (LIVE)
    • Legion – 9 (OnDemand)
    • Greenleaf – 9 (OnDemand)
    • The Magicians – 9 (OnDemand)
    • The Expanse – 10 (catch up)
  • Thursday
    • Scandal – 9
  • Friday & Saturday
    • My alleged catch up day

Whether I commit to this schedule remains to be seen. I had promised myself see The CW’s hero shows and check out Riverdale but TGIT (mainly Scandal and HTGAWM) life had other plans. And once Agents of SHIELD returns in April, I don’t know if I’ll witness The Americans live or not. And I still have Queen Sugar returning. Peak television is a sport, and I aim to be MVP.

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