Q1 | Alla Dis Winning

my musical backdrop for the first quarter of 2017 sees an array of new artists, favorite mainstays and a throwback or two.

  1. Shinning” | Despite missing AOTY again, Beyoncé continued her inevitable streak of wins with the release of her single with hubby and new father DJ Khaled. 20-odd Grammys, twins on the way and the best rapper alive on her arm — and that’s only in February. #AllaDisWinning
  2. “Bounce Back” | Big Sean
  3. “Ain’t Nothing” | Juicy J ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign
  4. “Bad & Boujee” | Problematic fave
  5. Hot Damn” | On the wave of the successful New Edition Story, BBD dropped Three Stripes to pleasant reviews. This banging track became an immediate favorite because of it’s reminiscent 2003 R&B sound. It gives me Houston “I Like That” tease.
  6. The High” | Midas Hutch ft. Bluey Robinson – If for some reason you felt Bruno’s 24k Magic felt more like imitation, than check this producers EP.
  7. “Get Up” | Nick Grant ft. WatchtheDuck – Hip hop’s in good hands again. And folks sleep on WatchtheDuck
  8. “Redbone (Nick Edit)” | A re-imagining of Childish’s Bootsy-esque love song for the dancefloor.
  9. “Kiss It Better (Bounce Mix)” | Sissy Nobby
  10. “Tipsy” | Kay’Vion ft. Cocoa Sarai
  11. Kiss Me” | Subtly laced with Aaliyah’s “Hot Like Fire” Jane Handcock coos pleasantly on an equally smooth jam beat. Erk the Jerk’s assists with a decent verse. This R&B these kids listen to isn’t too bad.
  12. “Go Crazy” | Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft. Sevyn and BJ the Chicago Kid
  13. “Bist du down?” | Ace Tee feat. Kwam.e – an import from Germany
  14. I Wanna Be With U” | Before Missy Elliott was claiming she’s “Better,” Melissa Elliott was the lead vocalist for Sista, the female equivalent to Jodeci. Along with an Isley brother sample, the track feels every bit of the R&B past and hip-hop soul future that was buzzing in the early 90s.
  15. “You Needed A Million” | Amporphous breeds Rihanna’s savage single with Babygirl’s groundbreaking soundbite.
  16. “Get Right Witcha” | Migos
  17. “Fake Love” Cover | William Singe hits Drake, D.R.A.M. and Anime in one smooth 2:00 take.
  18. “We Should Be Together ” | Pia Mia
  19. “Body” | Syd
  20. “Late Night Flex” | Quincy – guilty pleasure
  21. “Thinking” | Great Good Fine OK
  22. Cave Me In” | Gallant teams up with Asian sensations Table and Eric Nam for this beautifully-written song. People aren’t making music like this anymore. They’re the long-lost boy group we’ve been waiting for.
  23. “U-N-I” | Jets feat. Jamie Lidell
  24. “Love’s Holiday” | Nathan East feat. Philip Bailey
  25. “Another Man’s House” | Midas Hutch feat. Mar
  26. Land of the Free” | After his underappreciated Gold single “Devastated,” Joey drops a powerfully, timely single for his upcoming All-Amerikkkan Badass. Like Kendrick with TPAB, and Beyonce’s “Formation”,  Joey is showing true artistry reflecting the country’s political and social climate in his music. Like many black artists have done before when the powers that be have been on our necks.
  27. “Black Man in America” | I’m not sure how I missed October London’s EP from last year, but he evokes Raphael Saadiq with his throwback soul sound.
  28. “Die Easy” | Rag’n’Bone Man
  29. “Love Train” | Asiahn – new artist with amazing range
  30. “Can’t Have Everything” | The first one that stood out to me on Drake’s “playlist” More Life. I actually didn’t hate the album minus his trips to the Jamaican Wakanda and PND-esque snoozers.
  31. “Roses” | BJ the Chicago Kid
  32. “Touch Me” | MAAD ft. Ro James
  33. “Can’t Go Back” | Luariana Mae & Jack Splash
  34. “Some Mistakes” | Anna Wise – the songstress best known for accompanying Kendrick Lamar on TPAB flexes on this funky little diddy.
  35. “Fall” | Jacques Greene
  36. “Lavender (Nightfall Remix)” | Can I speak on this hautnignly epic track from the jazz quartet? I heard about them but didn’t invest in them. But this track (even w/o Snoop) is a power fist of funktastic cool. Shouts to BadBadNotGood and Kaytranada.
  37. “Meditation” | GoldLink ft. Jazmine Sullivan & Kaytranada
  38. Until the Pain is Gone” | British crooner Daley returns after a three-year absence with the beautifully-written duet with Jilly from Philly. His debut remains one of my favorite R&B projects in the last few years.
  39. “Stay” (Jodeci cover) | June’s Diary
  40. “HUMBLE.” | KDot returns after the scathing “The Heart Beat IV” with the trap-piano laden single from his still untitled project. Is he taking more shots at Big Sean? Drake? I don’t know, but whoever is on his stage better vacate.
  41. “Love Yourself” | Mary J. Blige ft. Kanye West
  42. “Don’t Love Me” | Janine

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