Hate Me Now: “What If…” Everyone Watched ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’


Somewhere between the brilliance that was FX’s psychedelic Legion, and the The CW’s run-of-the-mill-tertainment heroes is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. The only television component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (other than Netflix), it’s been holding its own ever since the tragic events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Since that pivotal twist, Coulson and SHIELD have seen their share of directors, Inhumans, double agents, hell demons, mutants and life-like humanoids. Now in its fourth season, delivering one of its best yet, its experiencing its lowest ratings ever.

There could be a few reasons for this — two in particular. It’s move to 10 p.m. While I love the show, I never felt it was worthy of the 10 spot. ABC announced the time shift mainly because of this season’s darker tone, indicating more mature themes. But like many Marvel properties, its still pretty light compared to Netflix or other shows on the same network (American Crime). The other reason is just the sheer amount of options in this age of peak TV. On Tuesdays alone SHIELD competes with FX’s The Americans. In its old time slot of nine, NBC had the smash hit This Is Us. Picking the must-see live show is getting more difficult, and I guess for many SHIELD gets pushed to next-day airing. Honestly it’s a shame.

SHIELD has consistently delivered quality story-telling with action and great character development. All while keeping with the cinematic continuity. From its humble beginnings, trying to find its footing as a hero show with no heroes, SHIELD has chiseled its spot as one of the best comic shows on television. Yesterday’s return episdoe from a short hiatus proved this.

With the introduction of Dr. Strange late last year, Coulson and his team — under new management — encountered the supernatural universe. Magic beings and supreme powers beyond the alien technology they fought with the Avengers. This power mixed with scientific advancement introduced a villain with the capability of crafting an alternate reality. No, not the one Donald Trump lives in, but one that resembles an America that’s all too familiar. In this framework, mental sorcery imposed on comatose victims, SHIELD has fallen. Inhumans are hunted by the government. And the entity protecting citizens from these cursed illegals is HYDRA. The world’s only hope is an underground outfit known as The Resistance. Old faces take on new spaces as it’s literally the Upside Down of the SHIELD universe.

Will the resistance prevail? Or will our merry agents be trapped in HYDRA’s America forever. Tune in every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET to find out.

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