peak tv: summertime

May sweeps will be upon us soon. A time when our favorite series combine into mega-story zord mode, slinging plot twists, cliffhangers and OMG moments before the summer hiatus. Usually I’d fret over their departure. The summer season is always loaded with fun shows that wouldn’t last a day in the fall or spring. Fortunately, there’s more TV coming due to peak television.

And you know what. I’m PISSED.

Not only is there a plethora of good, even great, television headed my way; I still have to set time aside to watch the television I missed this first quarter! From AMC dramas to CW heroes, my juggling of shows is becoming too much. Ion wanna be a playa no more. Here’s a list of what I’m not looking forward to this summer.

American Gods – Starz series based on the epic novel is finally premieres April 30. The show starring The 100’s British import Ricky Whittle looks to have 300-like visuals with GoT drama. It’s expected to be a big hit.

Insecure – HBO’s hit comedy from the mind of Issa Rae drops its second season in June. We can’t to laugh ’til we cry with these very realistic characters.

The Expanse – I wanted to hang on and tune in every Wednesday night for SyFy’s glorious space opera. But conflicting schedules and simply coming on too damn late caught me pushing it to the back burner.

The CW | I was on course to tune in to Supergirl on Mondays, and then I just dropped it. I was really disappointed in her crossover episode which literally was nothing but a lead in to the action on the subsequent episodes of The Flash and Arrow. Speaking of her older brothers, I grew bored of the Flashpoint plot and annoyed by Team Arrow. I heard things improved — especially for Oliver and company (Hello, Slade). I’ll find via Netflix when their seasons are commercial free. In addition to these mainstays, I may take a peek at guilty pleasure Riverdale. It sounds like the teen angst drama I’ve been missing since One Tree Hill.

Humans – Another show I could not stomach past 9 p.m. Maybe since I bought the first season, I was used to digesting it without any interruptions. Its better that way.

Shades of Blue – I meant to binge J Lo’s drama prior to season two’s March premiere. It didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll finally see what happened between S1’s first and last episodes.

The Magicians – I was so dedicated to this show. And then I dropped the ball. The American adult version of Harry Potter was getting good. But again time conflicts prevented me from seeing it live.

Preacher – AMC’s bizarrely fun series returns after almost a year hiatus. Based on the graphic comic, the story of a supernaturally-powered clergyman, his vampire buddy and violent ex-girlfriend kicks back into gear as they set on a trek for revenge.

House of Cards – Season 5 of Netflix’s original HSIC drops this June in Trump’s America. Frank and Claire almost ruined each other, until they realized they are strongest together. Watch them make the Underwoods great again.

Bates Motel – In its final season, the A&E darling has garnered rave reviews. I watched an episdoe here and there, but ultimately couldn’t keep up.

Veep – Selina Myer – private citizen – returned last Sunday. Thank God for HBO Now.

Netflix – where to begin? The Get Down Part II, Chewing Gum S2, Dear Black People, finish %3OITNB S5; I could go on since they add new material everyday.



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