N.O.T.: Arrow, S5

Courtesy of IGN

I had planned on watching all three of The CW’s DC-centric dramas, starting with the veteran of the group – Arrow. But as always life happened, and more importantly peak TV happened, and I was thrown from my steady schedule. So I placed them all on the back burner for summer consumption. 

With CW’s Netflix deal, each series’ most recent season was available for bingeing. Arrow’s fifth season up first. I picked up where I left off, reemerging myself into this interpretation of Oliver Queen and Co.

I was thoroughly thrilled to enjoy the latter half of the season. I lost interest during the Damian Darhk arc mainly because of the growing members on Team Arrow. Certain folks kept Lazarus-ing back into action – Laurel – while others were pure distractions. (I hated Artemis and Rory). By the time Ragman departed, I was all in. Now what I did like.

The best villain – Prometheus. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Adrian Chase aka Prometheus (Josh Segarra) was a brilliant foe. Where I thought Tobias Church was going to bring the pain, Chase’s vendetta against Oliver was diabolical fun. It brought the darkness back to the series. He even had the upper hand right up into the season finale.

In addition to Chase, Rene aka Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) brought such heart and grit to the team. His and Quentin Lance’s dynamic was great to watch. The childless Lance found redemption and family within Rene. Almost a second-chance at fatherhood.

Ricky been bae. Courtesy of Arrowverse wiki

Felicity Smoak was brilliant, especially in her Helix phase. Hacktivist Felicity was my favorite and it was nice seeing her morally splintered. And I loved seeing Kacey Rohl in another role. This girl needs her own show.

They definitely improved Curtis’ role from clumsy nerd, to clumsy nerd with the T-Spheres. The writers had to do something because his lack of support in the field was depressing. And I liked the arrival of Dinah Lance aka Black Canary — but how many times will this hero be reincarnated? I was also here for the return of Deathstroke (Manu Bennett). Great actor and he’s a favorite of the series.

As for season six, I’m all in. The devastating finale left so many unknowns. The show isn’t afraid to kill characters – just to bring them back to life – but nonetheless, I’m interested in where Oliver will go to next.

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