N.O.T. | Fall TV preview


Summer is ending as the days will soon be shorter. The darkness of dawn will greet us in the morning for work.  We’ll trade shorts and tank tops for flannel and corduroys. The summer bin of bargain television will be replaced with the return of prime time series. Here are the few returning and new shows that have peaked my interest. (Subject to change)

THIS IS US | The breakout hit of 2017 brings us back to the Big Three – Randall, Kevin and Kate. Last season closed with Randall contemplating adoption, Kevin sorting out things with his ex and Kate taking things close with her beau. Time traveling will hopefully divulge how Papa Pearson passed and it’s effects on his children — especially Kate. The first season garnered the show and cast numerous Emmy nominations, which airs a week before the second season premiere.

GHOSTED | After his NBC show failed, Craig Robinson is back with Fox’s sci-fi/fantasy comedy. As half of a ghost-hunting duo with Parks and Rec’s Adam Scott, Robinson will venture into more familiar territory exploring the unknown. The new show seems promising and has received decent praise for what critics have seen thus far.

RIVERDALE | My cousin informed me to pay attention to The CW’s dark take on the decades old Archie comics. What I thought would be some Gossip Girl angst was an addictive mid-drama teen soap, chock full with enough cliffhangers to fill Cheryl Blossom’s father’s walk-in wig closet. With the arrival of Hiram Lodge (the hunky Mark Consuelos), and the mystery focused on perfect dark girl next door — Betty Cooper — season 2 should up the ante. Plus we’ll discover Archie’s father’s fate.

SCANDAL | For six seasons I have ridden Olivia Pope’s white cloack-tails as she, Pope & Associates and B6-13 have broken every law to keep America safe. With last season’s return to form, it’s only right Shonda Rhimes brings the Gladiator battle to a close. It’s seventh and final season begins October 5th. Will Olivia (Kerry Washington) be wearing the white hat, or spawning black accessories as the new Command? Questions viewers deserve to have answered before this monument of TGIT is taken down.

MR. ROBOT | USA’s dark thriller returns with the world as Eliot Anderson left it – completely unhinged. After his self-imposed imprisonment, Rami Malek’s anti-hero fought tooth and nail to regain control of his mind. Now that he’s somewhat in the present, he’ll seek to reverse the affects of his involvement with the Dark Army and his take down of Evil Corp. We’ll see how this develops with many allies and enemies ricocheting toward different paths and allegiances.


HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER | How will life after Wes be for Annalise and her four pupils? My guess is just as felony-filled as the first three seasons.

THE DEUCE | HBO’s 70s-inspired series from the creator of The Wire. It looks much like the period flop Vinyl with more breasts and black men.

MARVEL’S INHUMANS | While Agents of SHIELD stumbled out of the gates, it’s become one of the best comic series out there. Inhumans on the other hand looks like it needs to be shot out of its IMAX premiering misery.

BLACK-ISH | ABC moves the award-winning comedy to Tuesday so I’ll remember to watch it. I’ll also give The Mayor a chance since it’s the lead-in.

ARROW and CO. | While I haven’t caught up on The Flash,  did binge The CW’s other two non-Legends of Tomorrow series. Oliver Queen’s story seems the most compelling as the fifth season closed with an explosive cliffhanger.

TEN DAYS IN THE VALLEY | With American Crime cancelled, ABC’s mystery series with Kyra Sedgwick looks like a competent replacement.

S.W.A.T. | CBS’ attempt to scream it isn’t racist is the Shemar Moore led BLM-inspired crime drama. Tread lightly.

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