ELN: Fox’s “The Gifted” off to good start

Fox’s history with Marvel’s Xmen hasn’t been too kind. Ever since the end of the 90’s animated series, the subsequent films of the early 2000s, up until this year’s Logan are disliked by comic purists. So when the same network that brought us Empire announced a new mutant property, hype was at a minimum. Will Fox finally deliver on a telling of humans with the X-gene?

So far yes. Last night’s premiere was pretty damn good if I do say myself. Set in some not-too-distant future, where the X-Men have disbanded, mutants are hunted by government agencies. We witness this peril through the eyes of a family who discover their two children are mutants. They seek the help of an underground circuit of runaways battling for survival.

The storied franchises’s original themes of civil rights and identity in the face of hate rings strong, especially in today’s social climate. Paired with great affects and an array of new and old faces makes for a pretty enjoyable episode. 

Highlights are the crew of mutants we meet in the first scene. An ethnically diverse team saves Jamie Chung’s Blink from arrest, while Polaris (yes MAGNETO’s Polaris) is apprehended. Her boyfriend Marcos and friend Hunter plan to find a way to bring her back. 

An opportunity arises whena prosecutor for the State against mutants seeks their aid. He and his wife discover their two teens posses the X-gene. They flee for their lives as Colby Bell (The Game) leads Sentinel Services. Some great chase scenes transpire. 

Don’t want to spoil it all, so catch The Gifted Monday’s at 9 pm only on Fox. 

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