N.O.T.: Entertainment Last Night

Here at LorinHates “Entertainment Last Night” is my daily roundup of television. Instead of trying to piece together separate reviews for each show, I’ll summarize highs and lows of each evening. 

Sunday saw the premiere of Fox’s supernatural comedy Ghosted, HBO’s fourth entry of The Deuce and ABC’s Kyra Sedgwick-led Ten Days in the Valley. Unfortunately I’m an episdoe behind on The Deuce so that will have to wait until later this week.

GHOSTED: L-R: Adam Scott and Craig Robinson in GHOSTED premiering this fall on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Scott Council/Fox

FOX’s Ghosted stars Adam Scott and Craig Robinson as two nobodies randomly selected to assist The Bureau Underground in battling paranormal activity.  Robinson’s Leroy is a former LAPD detective who’s been reduced to mall security guard. And Scott’s Max is a geeky bookstore clerk who’s claims of alien abductions keeps him from making normal conversation. They’re both seeking something to live for, and The Bureau is just that.

Robinson and Scott are great as the good cop, not-cop duo. The two have some funny moments and it can only get better. It’s great to see Amber Stevens West (The Carmichael Show) back on TV, in a scientific role no less. Real black girl magic. The special effects are pretty decent too. Between Fox’s two sci-fi comedies (The Orville) this one might fair better in the long run.

Kyra Sedgwick stars in ABC’s mystery thriller “Ten Days in the Valley” 

Finally is ABC’s new 10 o’clock spot Ten Days in the Valley. This mystery stars Kyra Sedgwick in her first TV role since TNT’s The Closer. Valley replaces the critical darling American Crime which wasn’t renewed for a fourth season. Sedgwick is a television writer who’s art soon imitates life as her daughter goes missing in the middle of the night. Nothing is what it seems as anyone and everyone becomes a suspect.

First episode sets up all the players – each one with a secret. Feeling somewhat like Secrets and Lies, I hope it diverges from just run-of-the-mill twists and turns. Their seems to be a dirty cop subplot that develops in the future, which may bring a different dynamic to the narrative. Malcolm Jamal Warner has a role as one of Sedgwick’s coworkers; and the investigating officer is played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Abaje (Oz, Suicide Squad). The series looks promising.

That was Sunday’s roundup – stay tuned for Tuesday’s review of Fox’s The Gifted. 

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