ELN: Two families, two shows


Tuesday night was reserved for the family dramas. We returned to the then-and-now family ties of This Is Us, and the down South black love in Queen Sugar. Queen picks up from its midseason hiatus with a two-night premiere.

4DEEEC90-CA4B-4516-9D2F-B51285B509EC-2285-000003951F00CD1CUs focused on the crew attending Kevin’s return to The Manny, a career move he feels is disrespectful to his craft as an actor. Doubt is shared among the Big Three as Randall’s anxiety of adoption wedges between him and Beth. And Kate’s first gig brings about insecurities she feels her mother constantly scrutinizes.

Kate and Rebecca have a tense heart-to-heart, with Kate expressing how Rebecca has involuntary critiqued her since she was a child. Though it was hard, it was a conversation that needed to happen jumpstarting a journey to reconciliation. Beth finds herself too through with Randall. But after a talk with Kevin, she sees the honesty in Randall’s apprehension.

In the past we witness Jack’s daily struggle to keep from drinking. In denial he avoids AA, instead filling his long work days with other activities to keep from going to happy hour. He even unexpectedly arrives at Kate’s school, which makes for a beautiful scene. Jack and Kate’s relationship is amazing to watch. It’s this close bond that pushes him to admit his problem to her first. And it’s the force that finally steers him to his first Alcohol Anonymous meeting.

Sorry, no death reveal tonight. But what we received was still solid.


3384A131-C904-4B26-9F23-963B1268BAF1-2285-000003962B895EE1With Sugar we have everyone beginning anew. Ralph Angel and Darla shared their pending nuptials, which were pleasantly received. Just as this union is about to begin, Charley and Davis’ divorce is finalized. However she’s free to happily move on with Remy.

Nova continued her romance with Robert DuBois as their personal and professional lives compliment each other. And Hollywood and Aunt Vi are still going strong. Life seems good, great even, for the Bordelon clan. Which means their luck will soon change.

While Ralph Angel and Darla’s marriage looks great on paper, it feels incomplete in theory as Darla and her parents remain estranged. We aren’t sure why they haven’t communicated in at least two years, but I’m sure we will find out.


Charley’s mother arrives interrupting her world. We learn she and Earnest were married; many assumed he had stepped out.  And see why Charley pushes Micah so hard. It’s act of protection, but Charley can not save him from everything. It hurts her to the core when she finds out about his experience with the police.

Finally Hollywood is offered a permanent job for him and his crew. He is hesitant to tell Vi at first, but she supports him. As supportive as she is of everyone, Vi ignores numerous signs foreshadowing a health scare. The episode ends with her in an doctor’s office.

Part 1 in the two-part premiere hit every note perfectly. We even saw the return of Reagan Gomez’s Chantal. And the super trailer promises more drama to come this season.

Catch This Is Us Tuesdays @ 9 pm ET on NBC; Queen Sugar Wednesday night’s @ 10 on OWN.

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