30for30: Pop Life

Happy Endings | The short-lived comedy captured what I wanted my thirties to look like. Specifically Adam Pally’s depiction of Max, the gay slacker of the friends group. I identified with him more than any other character I had seen on television. He wasn’t a flamboyant, but he clearly operated in the games of playful reading and shade. I never saw a gay person portrayed so, normally. At it’s peak it was funnier than Modern Family in its prime. And it bolstered a great cast.

One Hour Photo | Everyone praised Robin Williams for his comedic insanity, but his dramatic roles captured something so opposite of his usual demeanor. His role as a lonely pharmacy photo attendant obsessed with a family carries a rather forgettable film. One of the rare times Williams was a villainous subject, it was eerily a peek into the darkness Williams seemed to struggle with outside the limelight.

Vol. II: 1990 – A New Decade | Soul II Soul captured the music scene with their unique blend of UK soul and hip-hop, and in 1990 their sophomore effort became the backdrop of my childhood. Many weekends were spent singing to every track – even the instrumentals. Top 3 tracks: “Missing You,” “Love Come Through” & “Get A

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