30for30: Pop Life – Day Three

Golden Girls | I was in middle school when my best friend introduced me to Dorothy, Blanche, Rose & Sophia. The 80s comedy that ran for seven seasons found a whole new audience with airings on Lifetime. In the early 2000s, the topics they tackled seemed normal as we had shows like Will & Grace, and lived under MTV’s peak. But in retrospect, a show with four-middle aged women as leads, in the late 80s, touching on everything from sexual harassment to assisted suicide, was groundbreaking. It paved the way for all the women who followed: Designing, Living Single and even Sex and the City. Plus it remains hilarious.

Home Alone | Kevin McCallister’s plight of being forgotten on the family trip was a 90s kid’s dream. A two-story mansion to oneself; no rules or older siblings reigning terror over you; and, all the ice cream one could devour. However today that scenario could have ended much worse. His parents would have definitely faced child neglect charges, not to mention the next door neighbor being questioned. And let’s not even touch the possibility that none of Kevin’s contraptions would foil the Sticky Bandits. Today the Home Alone franchise would be hella problematic.

21 | One of the biggest albums of the last decade, Adele’s sophomore project showcased the biggest unifier is unfortunately pain, and how one perseveres through adverse times. Written in ode to a devastating heartbreak, 21 dropped with such a universal force on the power of “Rolling in the Deep.” The searing send-off track was a far cry from the melancholy ballads of her debut. It allowed her to stretch her fan base. If “Deep” was a movement, than the subsequent single “Someone Like You” was a force that carried the album on the Billboard charts’ top 40 damn near two years after its release.

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