30for30: Pop Life – Day Four

Law & Order: Criminal Intent | These days Dick Wolf’s storied franchise has ballooned to include spin-offs of weaker series, and copycat specials (Here’s looking at you Menendez Brothers). But once upon a time, at the peak of his creativity, Wolf replicated critical and commercial acclaim with Criminal Intent. The third iteration of his L&O installments, Criminal Intent solved heinous crimes while providing the perpetrator’s perspective.  A unique take garnered much success. Paired with actor Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance as Det. Bobby Goren, you had an addictive series.


What Lies Beneath | This supernatural thriller brought a haunting take on infidelity. When a professor’s wife experiences paranormal activity, she unearths more sinister truths from beyond the grave. Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford deliver memorable performances in a narrative that could be described as Stephen King writing How to Get Away With Murder.


the diary of alicia keys | The first album review I scribed was for Alicia’s sophomore album. An English project my sophomore year,  I remember excitedly comparing Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” to the soulful Aretha Franklin, and how perfect “You Don’t Know My Name” executed the phone interlude. The album transitioned Alicia from a young R&B prodigy, to a contemporary soul songstress.

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