30for30: Day Five & Six

Life With Bonnie | ABC championed this Bonnie Hunt-led comedy which was mostly improv. Hunt played a version of herself juggling home and family, with her duties as a talk show host. The characters were hilarious and expertly cast. Sadly it was cancelled after a few seasons. If anyone knows where I can I find the complete series off of YouTube, that would be great.


Hannibal | Bryan Fuller’s devilishly sexy adaptation of Hannibal Lecter was NBC’s best show in years. The focus of Lecter’s time as a criminal psychiatrist for the FBI birthed some of the most wicked scenes of murder I’ve ever seen. Madds Mikkelsen, Hugh Darcy and Laurence Fishburne held the reigns of a boldly diverse and talented cast.


Mrs. Doubtfire | Another Robin Williams feature on my list – this dramedy stayed rewound in our VCR. This beautiful narrative about family and divorce told the story with as much heart as it did laughs. And there were plenty. “Jump Around” will always remind me of this movie.


Coraline | My favorite animated film since The Incredibles, I stumbled upon this gem one random evening in college. Boredom brought me, but the fantastic animation and Teri Hatcher’s terrifyingly perfect performance as the Other Mother, made me stay.


CrazySexyCool | In 1994 TLC traded their baggy pants and condom-eye patches, for silk pajamas and multi-colored lipstick. The ATL-based crew transformed for their sophomore project, proving their female Bell Biv DeVoe wasn’t a fluke. Between “Creep” and “Waterfalls,” Tionne, Rozanda and Lisa (RIP) captured the Grammys and the charts for pop domination. Beneath the humongous singles was a Prince cover, an Andre 3000 feature and one of my favorite intro-ludes ever.


Rapture | Although I couldn’t recite much of the words Anita Baker was singing, the melody and crescendos were forever imprinted in my mind. My parents kept this album on repeat, and to this day her harmonic bellowing is celebrated as peak black girl magic.


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