ELN: ‘The Gifted’ mirrors honest look of prejudice in “eXodus”

the-gifted-exodus-photo017-1508185255841_1280wMonday night’s The Gifted explored character development in its third episode, “eXodus.” The Struckers are served a hard lesson on prejudice as a new relationship forcibly blossoms.

After nearly escaping Sentinel Services (SS), Marcos looks to expedite his plan to rescue Lorna. He aims to infiltrate the prison with the help of Blink. But given her past episode, her powers are weakened. Although he’s against the plot, Johnny agrees to work with Blink on strengthening her abilities. This is where we’re introduced to Dreamer, a fellow mutant and Thunderbird’s ex.  We’ll discuss her ability later.

Remembering Lorna isn’t the only one needing rescued, Katelyn suggests reaching out to her brother-in-law, Danny, in possibly aiding with both Reed and Lorna’s release. Marcos advises it’s too dangerous. But she disregards his advice as she, Alex and Lauren duck out the next morning.

Meanwhile Jace forces Reed’s hand in gathering intel on a local mutant compound. Reed befriends refugees on the run, hoping they’ll guide SS straight to a mutant safe house. Luckily his conscious foils the mission, leaving it a bit awkward between him and Jace.

the-gifted-exodus-photo009-1508185255835_1280wSpeaking of awkward, Colby Bell isn’t giving me the evil I need to dislike his character. But perhaps he isn’t the be-all, end-all villain. We did see a certain scientist’s request make Bell’s character uneasy.

Kate and the kids reach Danny’s as he reluctantly allows them to stay the night, but is adamant they leave in the morning. Their stealth mission goes awry when Danny’s son inadvertently alerts the mutants presence in the neighborhood. Soon the home is met by an armed civilian militia.

It’s here Katelyn’s blinders crack as she witnesses fellow churchgoers, PTO helpers and neighbors violently demand their removal from the home. It so honestly illustrated how prejudice doesn’t have a profile. One doesn’t need a Klan’s robe to be a racist. Law-abiding store clerks and Boy Scout leaders; apple pie-cooking grandmas and Grey’s Anatomy fanatics; all can subject others to hateful speech and treatment.

Faced with this threat, our crew is forced to defend themselves. Luckily Eclipse and Thunderbird arrive to aid the escape, which involved Alex striking first. It’s apparent his trajectory is very much like Magneto’s – with little to no sympathy for his oppressors. The fight morphs into a chase.  Re-enter Dreamer.

the-gifted-exodus-photo003-1508185255831_1280wJohnny told Blink her powers would manifest once she connected with a positive emotion. So naturally, Dreamer plants memories of a relationship with Thunderbird in Blink’s mind. It works as Blink is able to cast a portal large enough for the team to escape the angry mob. But both Dreamer and Johnny know her mental manipulation reaps drier consequences.

Another excellent edition to one of fall’s best new shows. Apart from the strong action and the Marvel staple, the series elevates above others for its honest and smart commentary on social issues.



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