N.O.T: I’m all in for joining the ‘Voltron’ Coalition in S4

Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender dropped its fourth season Friday. After my enjoyable weekend, I sat down and sped through the six-episode set. I thoroughly love the shorter seasons. Less filler and more action to keep you glued to the screen.

Voltron-season-4-_Image1The season saw our paladins recruiting forces from across the galaxy to join in their fight against the Galra Empire. As Zarkon’s leadership remained a mystery,  the Coalition grew in numbers. Once strong enough they move forward with a massive undertaking which involves Rebel forces and the Blade of Marmora.

This advantage doesn’t come without a price. Keith split his duties between Voltron and the Blade, as he assists them in covert missions of intel gathering. Soon it interferes with his duties as a Paladin. He makes the executive decision to leave team Voltron. Luckily, Shiro reconnects with the Black Lion as the Paladins sole leader.

In addition to the main narrative, we received two subplots that reaped great rewards. Pidge’s search for her family results in an emotional reunion with her brother Mark. Writers granted her a lone episode, tarrying solo, faithful her older sibling was still alive. One of the series’ strongest episodes, period.

Voltron-Season-4As one family finds each other, an other suffers great loss. Just as Haggar suspected, Lotor’s agenda counters Zarkon’s. With the truth out, a quickly recuperated Zarkon declares Lotor an enemy of the Galra state. This shift leaves the conniving prince a lone wolf.

Will the Paladins of Voltron find an ally in the exiled Lotor? Will Pidge and Mark find their father? Questions needing answers now. Season five cannot come soon enough.


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