30for30: Day Ten

Roc | Charles S. Dutton was Fox’s Roc, a loving, hot-headed garbage collector who lived a modest life with his wife, brother and father in Baltimore. The series was a listed as comedy, but it became something else as it tackled social commentary. It explored class within the Black community as well as the threat of drugs. A particular story arc involved the underrated Clinton Powell as a nefarious dealer poisoning the neighborhood youth. Roc was the sole man to stand up to his tyranny. Fox should definitely reboot this series for a limited run to explore 2017 Baltimore, and how life has changed Roc’s world.

Stepmom | I do not know what it is about this soapy, melodrama but I can’t not watch it anytime it’s on television. Julia Roberts plays the younger woman that eventually comes between Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris. Sarandon naturally hates her guts, as Roberts is seen as the mistress stepmother. But an unfortunate turn of events soon curbs any animosity in this blended family. One of my favorite scenes below.

Brother, Sister | Most of the music you experience as a kid is because of your parents. And my dad’s eclectic musical taste had me scatting along with The Brand New Heavies. I was obsessed with their encouraging “Dream on Dreamer,” the slinky “Mind Trips,” the bombastic “Fake” and the soulful title track.


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