502017: 45-41

Like an episode of Scandal written by The Onion, season one of Trump is reaching its season finale. If nothing else positive occurred, 2017 was laced with a wonderful soundtrack. Featuring songs from artists for every mood and moment, follow me as I count down my favorite 50 songs of 2017.

45. “Vault” Keyshia Cole

R&B had a solid year with many worthy offerings. One being the return of Compton’s Keyshia Cole. With her strongest album since A Different Me, Keyshia glides on this short, sweet and sensual track from her 11:11 Reset. 

44. “Chi Chi” Azealia Banks

Ms. Banks was booked in 2017. No, not in twitter beefs, but actual work. Apart from cleaning up her public persona, she also shined in a rather dull film about a NYC female rapper. In between mending bridges and reading lines, she released this little track which I enjoyed. Wishing nothing but the best for her in 2018.

43. “Stingy” Elijah Blake

It had been a minute since singer/songwriter Elijah Blake had released any music. I really liked some of his earlier stuff, but nothing seemed to stick. Luckily his hiatus proved he improved his craft. A project boasting old school R&B flare, this funky track made the list.

42. “Icon” Jaden Smith

One of the biggest surprises of 2017 was a slice of left field from the middle Smith child. The strength of this project isn’t just the focus and musicality – believe the album is great to listen to – but the self-assuredness Jaden has within himself to make the art he does. Something a lot of artists and people in general could learn from.

41. “Think About That” Jessie J

Jessie J is one of the premier vocalists of this generation. The Brit was just seen paying homage to Toni Braxton at the Soul Train Awards, and has several viral videos singing soul standards of the 80s and 90s. Now, as the R&B artist she was meant to be, she’s releasing some of her best work. Painful. Honest. Soulful.


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