50217: 35-31

Like an episode of Scandal written by The Onion, season one of Trump is reaching its season finale. If nothing else positive occurred, 2017 was laced with a wonderful soundtrack. Featuring songs from artists for every mood and moment, follow me as I count down my favorite 50 songs of 2017.

35. “Slow Me Down” Jessie Ware

First came love. Then came marriage. Then came the UK vocalist with the first album since adding a baby carriage. Glasshouse demonstrates Ware’s most honest work yet, and this beautiful song is first dance of matrimony ready. Depicts the vulnerability one acquires when you let love takeover.

34. “Love So Soft” Kelly Clarkson 

Another woman embracing her art as a mother was American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson. Boasting a soul-inspired sound, the underrated vocalist showcased her pipes on the first single from The Meaning of Life. One of my favorite hooks of the year.

33. “Sky Walker” Miguel ft. Travis Scott

Not since “Adorn” have I been so excited about a Miguel single or project. I bought the Star Wars-influenced track after one listen. It’s trappy, yet classy. The theme song for any situation. Would have been better minus Travis, but hey, it’s for the kids.

32. “Love Yourself” Mary J. Blige ft. Kanye West

2017 began rough for the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul. After a public divorce from former manager Kendu Issacs, Mary’s Strength of A Woman was delayed. Despite the negative press she persevered on tour, promoting the new album and coping as only she knows how: through song. The opening track is a majestic orchestration of soul, hip-hop and honesty. Mary is her best – back to her roots – singing about the pain of a love lost. Fortunately she never stopped loving herself.

31. “Fashion Week” Wale ft. G-Eazy

As much as I try to avoid him, Wale always catches me with a single or two each album cycle. While I didn’t care for the project, I was obsessed with this fashion conscious bop. Overlooking the presence of Gerald, Wale had another hit on his hands. MY BIIIIITCH Sidenote: Had no idea this had a video until…now.

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