502107: 30-26

Like an episode of Scandal written by The Onion, season one of Trump is reaching its season finale. If nothing else positive occurred, 2017 was laced with a wonderful soundtrack. Featuring songs from artists for every mood and moment, follow me as I count down my favorite 50 songs of 2017.

30. “No Limit” G-Eazy ft. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B

The West Coast’s white rapper came a long way since a random Bonnaroo appearance and that awkward encounter with Britney. He’s remarkably made some good moves. From the 3-6 sample, to snagging Rookie of the Year, “No Limit” was a certified banger.

29. “P.O.V.” dvsn

The vocalist/producer duo returned with Morning After and proved they are here to stay. Atop a chopped-n-slopped “Fortunate,” dvsn pleads his case for a lover’s affection. Certified bangher.

28. “Bam” Jay-Z ft. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

Halfway through 4:44 50-something Shawn Carter pauses his cause to bring back the gutter shit – Hov. He trades bars with Damian’s signature vocals for an any-hood anthem.

27. “Sideline” Niia ft. Jazmine Sullivan


Anything with Jazmine attached gets a spin from me (except that fucking “Insecure” song) and this slow burn story of a woman playing second fiddle to her man’s ex was worth it. Newcomer Niia’s voice mixed with Sullivan’s is magic – and the video feels old Hollywood as the other women finally meet. Sidenote: 1:09 to the end >

26. “In the Moment” 1-O.A.K.

One of my favorite artists dropped his long-awaited sophomore project with this tale of situation-ship as the leading single. The interlude let’s you know the nigga ain’t shit, but the song is so nostalgically beautifully. Feeling half 2000s neo-soul, half R&B now. The melody will be on rotation in your head long after the song is over.

Halfway there. The top 25 begins Monday.

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