502107: 20-16

Like an episode of Scandal written by The Onion, season one of Trump is reaching its season finale. If nothing else positive occurred, 2017 was laced with a wonderful soundtrack. Featuring songs from artists for every mood and moment, follow me as I count down my favorite 50 songs of 2017.

20. “The Weekend” SZA

While I didn’t enjoy her project, I can’t deny the sheer success coming her way. The most Grammy-nominated female artist of the year booked a Maroon 5 duet and an SNL appearance. And all I got was this perfectly 90s R&B single about being the cousin to SWV’s man sharing ways. Being the side chick never sounded so good.

19. “HUMBLE.” Kendrick Lamar

With possibly the hottest line of 2017 (my left stroke just went viral) Kendrick continued his reign as the king of rap. Bars lit with fumes from Hades erupted this bombastic benchmark of bravado from the album that deserves that Grammy win.

18. “1999” Big K.R.I.T. ft. Lloyd

A double album from Mississippi’s own was slated with remarkable track after another. Somewhere between “Confetti” and “Aux Cord” laid this ode to booty bouncing in the cut. With Lloyd on the hook, K.R.I.T. presents his thesis on the art of a woman’s body, continuing a tradition from the ’99 and 2000.

17. “Ink Blot” Logic ft. Juicy J

I really tried to get into Logic. He’s talented. Likable. You know he’s biracial, right? Yeah everything should align. But like Rachel Dolezal, close but no cigar. However, I did enjoy the dexterity shown on this short offering from his album. He and J trading bars at lightning speeds is fun as hell. More of this Logic, please.

16. “Magnolia” Playboi Carti

The hottest dance got an official theme song. Playboi Carti may be completely unidentifiable in a room full of niggas with flats, but as soon as I hear Jamie Foxx ask for Pierre, I become a Mighty Morphin Milly Rocker.

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