502017: 10-6

Like an episode of Scandal written by The Onion, season one of Trump is reaching its season finale. If nothing else positive occurred, 2017 was laced with a wonderful soundtrack. Featuring songs from artists for every mood and moment, follow me as I count down my favorite 50 songs of 2017.

10. “Late Nights & Heartbreak” Hannah Williams & the Affirmations

My number 10 selection is a year old song from the perspective of someone who knows she’s no good. As the foundation for Shawn’s title track, Williams’ voice is paralyzing as she paints her sins out on a canvas for her lover to read. No wonder Jay chose this track to apologize. Apology accepted.

9. “don’t choose” dvsn

Aww yes, the push and pull of today’s talking perfectly described. dvsn’s single from Morning After flipped from bumpin’ production to a soulful 60s vocal. At first it was a bit jarring, but the two sounds work beautifully together illustrating the struggle between love and lust our suitor faces.

8. “Don’t Go” Kevin Ross

With one of the year’s strongest R&B efforts, newcomer Kevin Ross crooned his way to the Soul Train Awards and more with this Off the Wall sounding midtempo song. A bright and shinning talent that deserves your attention.

7. “Thinking” Great Good Fine OK

This band appeared on my Spotify Discover Daily, and I know why. Sounding like a white boy band’s early traverse into R&B, it sounded like nothing else this year. The simple melody, soft vocals. It felt like seeing your school crush enter the gymnasium at your first dance. Whatcha gonna do?

6. “Cave Me In” Gallant, Tablo & Eric Nam

If “Thinking” captures the crush you let get away, “Cave Me In” is the joy of owning the love after a lifetime of wins and losses. Intricately written it’s one of the year’s brightest collaborations. R&B is live and well and in good hands.

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