N.O.T.: Fall TV Preview

Couch potatoes everywhere synchronize calendars and iPhone notifications for this fall’s lineup of television. Or at least I am. Here is my tentative schedule of what’s new, returning and will never see the whites of my eyes.

September 25 both Fox’s The Gifted and NBC’s This Is Us return. Fox’s X-Men series ended on a high note, being one of last fall’s strongest rookie. It also was a pretty-well developed adaptation of the mutants since the 90s animated series. The second season will see the Brotherhood rise against the remnants of Professor Xavier’s heroes.

Over on NBC the tear-inducing This Is Us promises an emotional return to the Pearson’s universe. Given a hint of the series fast-forward with Randall’s daughter as an adult, we can only imagine the heart-wrenching shifts in the narrative that awaits.

October brings us the slate of CW’s new shows – including the reboot of the supernatural witch drama CharmedAfter some backlash from the original’s actors and fans, this iteration starring three Latinx sisters will be getting my support. Charmed premieres Sunday, Sept 14 at 9 p.m.

In addition to these sister’s three, new culture clash series All American debuts on the 10th. This story finds a black football star leave behind his inner city living to pursue a better opportunity at the richer, whiter school. It stars Taye Diggs – I’m hoping it’s more than The OC with a black jock.

The same night two hours prior at 8 p.m. my teen melodrama Riverdale picks back up. With Archie in jail for a murder he didn’t commit, the town will reap whatever Hiram Lodge has sown.

While I have no conflicts on Tuesday, Monday Oct. 16th, Black Lightning flies back into action against the Pearsons. But I’ll be there as Jefferson, Lynn, Anissa and Jennifer Pierce protect the city of Garfield from white supremacy.

I’m guessing the second half of Queen Sugar will return as it always does. I’m currently enjoying what the third season is providing. Has Charley bit too much she can chew with the Landrys? Can Ralph and Darla ever peacefully co-parent? Will Nova betray her sister? We will have to wait and see.

What shows are you anticipating this fall? Comment below.

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