ELT: #HTGAWM welcomes new blood in 5th season premiere #WhoDiedattheWedding #falltv

Viola Davis’ Annalise sensing death in the air. Courtesy of EW.com

ABC’s TGIT drama How to Get Away with Murder opened it’s fifth season last night. After losing everything Annalise Keating looks to be rebuilding her life – drama free. But as we witnessed in the flash forward, someone won’t survive the season.

Set three months prior, Annalise and the Keating Five are preparing for another school year. Reinstated at Middleton Annalise is heading an advanced class where one pupil has the chance to covet a year’s tuition paid – if they survive the course. She’s also received multiple law firm offers based on the success of her Supreme Court case. Annalise is back to being the esteemed professional she has always been.

While she works to remain legit, her prized students attempt to do the same. Connor and Oliver are planning their wedding. Laurel is enjoying motherhood and free sex with Frank. Asher is quietly mourning his breakup with Michaela. And she – on everyone’s list – is trying to fill a void by contacting one-time fling Marcus Walker (Scandal). 

Our original Keating four prepped for a new semester. Courtesy of hollywoodlife.com

Bonnie is enjoying work and a coworker at the DA’s office. And she and Nate have blossomed a friendship. But of course discourse has to wring it’s ugly head. It first strikes with the arrival of new student – Gabriel Maddox. 

As previewed last season, Maddox was alluded to be Bonnie’s child. Probably the result of her father’s forced prostitution. Nate’s DNA meddling seems to confirm it. However, Frank’s murderous pursuit of Gabriel tends to bend that theory in a different direction.

Rome Flynn as new student Gabriel Maddox. Courtesy of Imgur.buslte.com

Second, the arrival of a Laurel’s baptism dress is a callback to the whereabouts of her mother. We are led to believe she is alive and well, ending the theory that Laurel murdered her in a psychotic rage. 

Our third dilemma is hidden in plain sight. Annalise joins Caplan & Gold – a professional win. But I sense Tegan wants to enjoy Annalise more than just a colleague. Workplace romances never succeed – and given Annalise’s track record, it could very well be Tegan bloodily panting for life three months later.

The episode closes in the future. We’re given a new piece to the puzzle as our victim eyes Laurel’s Christopher sitting in the snow alone. Bonnie appears looking down, sorrowful, before scooping the child up and heading toward the tent. #WhoDiedAtTheWedding.

An excellent restart for the series which somewhat faltered post-Wes. While Gabriel (Rome Flynn) aka “Diet Wes” himself doesn’t seem that interesting, I want to see how he’s connected. I’m most excited for Tegan and Annalise’s interactions; and, the previewed rivalry Michaela has spurned with her former mentor.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursday evenings at 10 p.m. ET on ABC

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