Rewind: AAAAH-Like – ‘#Insecure’ S3 Recap #HBO #falltv #GhostLike

What surprises did tonight’s episode have instore for viewers and Issa? Courtesy of

Another hilarious millennial-like season of HBO’s Insecure wrapped last night. The mis-adventures of Issa, Molly and company kept us rolling in between some tears and feelings. Before discussing the latest episode, let’s do a little recon on what the season brought us.

Issa and Molly’s lives are polar opposites. As Issa leaves We Got Y’all, Molly thrives at her new firm by any means necessary. Molly’s thirsty for a win at work because father-to-be Dro has tainted her love life. Meanwhile Issa stumbles into a budding relationship with Nathan (Kendrick Simpson), signaling she may be over (surprise) Lawrence.

But the honeymoon phase doesn’t last long for Ms. Dee. After a week of no communication from #NathanBae rolls into an entire month, Issa realizes she may have been ghosted. This brings us to the season finale.

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It’s Issa’s birthday bitch – an exact year since the events of season one. Molly celebrates her best friend’s b’day at a screening of her favorite film – The Last Dragon. While meeting up with Kelli, they both run into ghosts of past relationships.

Lawrence is there with Chad whose wife took him back. Puzzled by this, Chad explains that’s how marriage works. Molly sees Jared, the boo she blocked over a college same- sex experience. She dodges him again assuming he’s there with another man. Truth be told he’s Jared’s brother; and, Molly couldn’t shoot her shot anyway cause Jared has a girlfriend.

The Ls continue for Molly. Her cutthroat work ethic lands her a new client, but no team members. And the final blow: telling Issa she dismissed Nathan when he visited on her birthday. After a stern read from her friend, Molly realizes Dro has affected her more than she led on. A sign of growth, she calls and sincerely apologizes to Andrew.

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Issa draws inspiration from the film event and decides to network with the coordinator. They exchange notes to do something similar in Inglewood. Little does she know her new friend – a divorced friend of Tiffany’s – is Lawrence’s new fling. And for a finale twist, Nathan calls.

He half-heartedly blames his absence on a possible depressive state. A slump so massive he left LA for Houston. Issa doesn’t except this theory given he pursued her. Although he claims he’s back to stay, Issa needs time to figure things out.

Season three may have taken a minute to find it’s groove, but overall a solid run. I can’t wait to see the dynamic between Issa and Lawrence knowing they share a common friend. And will Molly finally open up and let truth heal her wounds? We’ll find out in the upcoming fourth season. See y’all in 2019.

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