31 for 31: ‘#Heroes’ #TVChallenge

Before the recent comic craze across TV networks, fitting a genre show on a major network was tricky. Gone were the days of the 70s and 80s, where Lynda Carter and Adam West could get away with the corny depictions of Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne. By the early 2000s, your series not only had to look good, but it had to be good. Based in reality with smooth special effects.

Then NBC gave us Heroes, a X-Men adjacent story of regularly people discovering extraordinary abilities. The first season was superb, establishing how our group of “mutants” were to save the world by saving the cheerleader. I was hooked. But a anti-climatic season finale resulted in a little pushback; and, the subsequent seasons derailed to an unfortunate cancellation.

The series even saw a reboot of sorts which errored more than the original . But nothing changes those early moments. A definite classic of sorts.  

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