N.O.T. – Favorite Shows of the Year

In 2018 reboot was the name of the game. While many flocked to see their favorite 80’s and 90’s series receive fresh sets of eyes, I mined for seasonal returns and fresh narratives. Some revivals were met with praise (Will & Grace) and others crashed & burned (Roseanne, and from the looks of it, The Connors). Fortunately I didn’t waste my time with yesterday. Forward, always. Shouts to Pops.

Best Series Finale

Two of my favorite shows bid viewers farewell in 2018. Both depicting a version of America’s past, present and rumored future. The Americans captured 1980s U.S.’s contentious relationship with Mother Russia as The Jennings’ covert lives as KGB operatives came to an end. With their identities discovered, the family – without son Henry – must race home to Moscow. The episode’s final 15 minutes is why the FX series remains one of television’s best. The second saw ABC’s white hat hang up her floor-length trench for Vermont. Scandal ended with Olivia Pope and her #Gladiators finally dragging all their dirt and darkness into the light. The soapy political drama ripped some of their best narratives from the headlines. And in return, it seems America borrowed story lines from Shonda Rhimes’ writers’ room. How we wish Olivia could free us from this administration’s own B-613.

Next FX’s chilling true crime limited series…

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