Hate Me Now: Marvel’s #Runaways 2nd best marvel series this year

If you didn’t know, Hulu dropped the second season of Marvel’s Runaways December 21, picking up where the decent first entry left off. This season embraced it’s full potential, delivering a story-driven, action-packed addition in the MCU. With one helluva cliffhanger, season 3 cannot come soon enough.

This season the lines blurred between good & evil as our teen protagonists realized they’re connection to their parents wouldn’t be so easy to sever. Despite their best intentions, our gang found themselves in the showdown of their lives as PRIDE reached a new level of tyranny. With the addition of a new threat, alliances on both sides will change forever.

Highlights Without Spoilers

Alex’s Fight for Justice

Alex Wilder toes the line of villainy as he seeks justice after a murder. He’s hate for his parents blinds his judgment, sticking him and his friends in some very dangerous situations.

Church of Gibborim = Scientology

If you didn’t see the parallels in the first season, several plot developments bring to light the stark similarities: life-long contracta; a rehabilitation center; separating families because of “non-belief.” The series leans into the reality of the cult with great effect.

Gert & Chase

The development of this relationship is great to watch. It’s nice to see some form of normal teen life, and Gert & Chase’s up and down love tryst is a plus.

Nico’s Powers

We were privy to some nefarious effects of Nico’s familial power staff in season one. Especially in the way Tina interacts with both Robert and her daughter. While afraid of what it does to her, Nico embraces this darkness – and rightfully so. It comes in handy for one of the series best battles.

That’s all I feel I can say without spoiling too much. If you haven’t watched, tune in. Both seasons are available on Hulu.

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