Hate is A Strong Word: #Shaft You sure you’re damn right?

This week we received the first peek at a new Shaft. This spirited sequel links Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the private dick Richard Roundtree’s original, all while continuing the story for a new generation. Jessie Usher Jr. is John Shaft Jr., knocking on Jackson’s door one day. Soon three generations of crime-fighters — and allegedly baby makers — team up to solve the latest dilemma.

I’m always here for Jackson, Hollywood’s highest-grossing actor EVER. And his turn as Shaft (2000) was a hit. Also Regina Hall as Usher Jr’s mom and Roundtree are good additions as well. Lovely to see black people on the screen. However, I have never been sold on Usher Jr.

I never watched Survivor’s Remorse which I heard was a vehicle better suited for Tichina Arnold and Mike Epps. Second, I think I saw one other film with him and was not impressed with his skills. And by the look of this trailer, he hasn’t vastly improved. Also what is with the comedic tone? Even in the character’s heyday, the amount of comedy never outweighed the action or topical subject matter. I hope they flip this by the time the movie comes out. 

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