N.O.T.: BET reboots right with #Boomerang

As much as we try to resist, the reboot trend is here to stay. The tactic of rejuvenating a former film or series for fresh eyes has always been a tactic, but it normally used lesser known projects as subjects. Today Hollywood seems aimed at pillaging classic franchises — the bigger the better. So when news that 1992’s Boomerang would receive the treatment, I was hesitant.

For its time the movie was a trailblazer, as peak Eddie Murphy managed to cast African American characters in a light many had never seen before. Professional. Educated. Affluent. Funny. Sexy. And none of it had to do with the white gaze. It captured the young, black adult of the 1990s in all his/her kinta cloth-hoodie wearing, apartheid-protesting, hip-hop-listening glory.

I feared someone would come through and tarnish the film’s legacy. And it being on BET made the idea worse. Luckily not just anyone is handling the project.

Executive produced by Lena Waithe and original star Halle Berry, BET’s Boomerang captures the young, gifted and black narrative for the millennial generation. The half-hour comedy is funny, well-written and aims to pay homage to its cinematic roots without drowning the viewer in constant reminders.

Tequan Richmond and Tetona Jackson in BET’s “Boomerang”

As much as it is connected to the movie, it works to create its own path. Just like the offspring leads – Simone Graham (Tetona Jackson) and Bryson Broyer (Tequan Richmond) – the series bears the same name, but aims to forge a story that’s current and complete on all its own.

In this Boomerang, we follow Angela and Marcus’ daughter and Jacqueline’s son as they live to continue their legacy in advertising. Simone embodies her father’s rebellious mind, but it keeps her in trouble in and out of the boardroom. Meanwhile Bryson is extremely talented, but lacks belief in his abilities especially when Simone is around.

Their supported by an eclectic crew: best friend and colleague Crystal; her ex-boyfriend, Pastor David; sexually fluid videographer Ari; and, their viral wannabe celeb Tia. With showrunner Ben Cory Jones at the helm, I foresee nothing but the best in its future.

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