Trailer Things: FOX’s final solo frontier with mutants gets new trailer #DarkPhoenix

The journey to the final Fox X-Men film has been tumultuous to say the least. After fumbling the original trilogy with Last Stand; and, then semi-restructuring with First Class only to force Apocalypse upon us, fans and critics alike had enough of Charles and the gang. And then they announced another whack at Dark Phoenix – one of the most herald operas of the X-Men lore.

The initial hype was there until rumors and early screenings doomed this film from ever seeing the light of day. Several rewrites, re-shoots and a Disney merger later, we get a second trailer that feels extremely more polished, focus and feels like its trying to differentiate itself from its Last Stand predecessor. This trailer actually has me excited.

Sansa is giving me what I need from Jean/DP, and Alexander as Storm flying and shooting lightning is interesting. I just hope they didn’t spoil the funeral scene within the first minute of this trailer.

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