N.O.T.: Q1 Review

As March and winter come to a close, we (me) here at lorinhates prepare for the next slate of contenders of the spring 2019 TV season. We’ll welcome some familiar faces, bright-eyed rookies and await the most-anticipated series finale of the past decade.

Before dipping into what’s next, let’s take a look back at what was all the rage for the 1st quarter.

The Passage (FOX)

Based on the novels by Justin Cronin, Fox gained a following for this inventive take on vampires and the end of the world. After an experiment to cure all illnesses goes awry, the fate of humanity is left in the hands of a powerful little girl. If renewed, I’d love to explore the world this show has created.

The Gifted S2 (FOX)

After a strong first season, the fight for mutant rights received a budget upgrade. This brought us more characters, better battles and a surprising season finale, leaving the possibilities endless foe next season. However, the recent Disney-Fox merger has the series in limbo. Hopefully we all see what was on the other side of that portal.

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