E.L.N.: #CloakandDagger shines brighter amidst season 2 Mayhem

Freeform has come a long way from the CW-ish ABC Family programming of yesteryear. It now bolsters a strong balance between family friendly content, and upper-tier young adult series. One of those is the brilliantly written Cloak & Dagger. Based on the Marvel 80s comic, this adaptation has reworked the outdated canon for the 21st century.

The first season explored themes of class, race and corruption in culturally-rich New Orleans. This season we see Tyrone and Tandy unravel a nefarious human trafficking ring as they explore the true lengths of their powers. In the midst of managing heroic growing pains, they encounter a new challenge.

Season two picks up a few months after our Two saved the city. Tyrone is an accused cop killer on the run, unable to see his family. He now resides in Tandy’s former sanctuary. Tandy and her mother attend therapy, seeking healing from the wounds her father’s violent death and abusive behavior left behind.

The two see each other occasionally, reassuring the other he/she is fine. But deep inside they’re incomplete. To fill the void, both secretly take on personal missions. Tandy rescues a girl from an abusive boyfriend. Ty usurps the intricate drug rings. When both plans backfire, their paths align, revealing a more sinister crime circuit of human trafficking. They seek aid from colleague Bridget O’Reilly. But the once focused officer is a shell of her former self.

As you may remember, we last saw O’Reilly left for dead by Connors’ bullets. Submerged in waters tainted with the terrors toxin, something else rose from the rubble. Ty and Tandy come face-to-face with Bridget’s clone, a scientific anomaly birthed from extreme trauma and whatever Roxxon created.

After weeks of trials, Mina Hess theorizes this twin exists on impulses of rage and chaos. Think Dark Phoenix without the psychic ability. As the aggressor grows stronger, it eventually devours its original host. Bridget’s only saving grace, for now, is Mayhem’s preoccupation with her own sense of justice.

Sharing the same memories with Bridget, Mayhem seeks revenge on Connors. But her trek first leads her to the city’s case of missing girls. The only issue is Mayhem operates on an eye-for-an-eye, making her more middling anti-hero than Tyrone can tolerate. Tandy however is drawn to the lethal policing. This plants a rift between our Divine Pairing. One I see blossoming as the season carries on.

In addition to the main narrative, most of our sub-plots return: Ty’s family; the city’s struggle with corrupt law enforcement; and, the overarching vodun prophecy. If you’re missing the gravitas of Netflix’s Marvel series, Cloak and Dagger is a proper alternative, that is until November 12.

Catch the Divine Pairing every Thursday at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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