Trailer Things: “When They See Us” shines our truth from behind their lie #Netflix

Ava DuVernay and Netflix bring us the jolting story of the Central Park Five in the limited series When They See Us. The four-part saga reexamines the 1989 case in which five New York youth were unjustly accused, charged and found guilty of assault and rape. The star-studded cast includes Michael K. Williams, Felicity Huffman, John Leguziamo, Niecy Nash, Joshua Jackson and Vera Farmiga.

I’m too young to remember the Central Park Five and the horrendous injustice that befell them. However, I am all too familiar with the scenario. White lies, emboldened by white supremacy within our law and judicial systems, sentencing innocent black bodies to prison, or worse.

Yes, these men were later exonerated. But just as their president refuses to apologize for his statements about them today, the same bigoted system violates countless black and brown men, women and children in 2019. Their truth deserves to be told, and retold, in hopes that someday it will drown out the original lie. Stream When They See Us May 31st.

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