E.L.N: Sunday Edition #GOT #KillingEve

Two shows consumed my attention last evening – back to back. The love/hate hysteria that is Killing Eve; and, the second episode of the end of Game of Thrones. One plays with death, while the other awaits its knock on the door.

Things get sticky when Eve and Villanelle’s dance begins to affect others. The discovery of another assassin infuriates Villanelle. Mostly because she’s stolen the spotlight. So how does V reclaim the center of attention? Place the seed of infidelity of course.

A wedge already existed between Eve and Nico. Before it was her job and Bill; now, it’s her job and V. And another moon orbits their planet of separation – and she’s got breasts for days. Nico’s colleague Gemma is given some unsoliscited advice, placing her as the rebound when Eve’s strange behavior pushes her husband away.

Meanwhile the arrival of Constatine *surprise* to the fold rubs Eve the wrong way. Not only does she not trust him, it makes her again weary of Carolyn’s motives. However she uses his presence to her advantage. After a fragile encounter, Eve is certain V is in London. And she uses Constantine’s family as bait.

Expecting him to locate Villanelle for her, Constantine instead convinces V to join him as a freelancer. He escapes Carolyn’s clutches, and she escapes The Twelve’s rule. They evade officers and Eve just in the nick of time.

Meanwhile in a castle far far away…

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