E.L.N: Sunday Edition #GOT #KillingEve

GOT returned with its second hour-long episode. A charming, comical calm before the winter storm of death descends upon them all. Jamie Lannister’s arrival stirs the pot, ultimately leaving Dany out voted by two Starks, her loyal Hand and the newly Knighted Sir Brienne of Tarth. All things are possible when the next day isn’t promised.

Dany takes a chance at making amends with Sansa, but her stubborn need for the throne continues being a thorne in this union’s side. And it only grows bigger when Jon drops the BOMB on his lover/homie/aunt – he is the true heir of the Iron Throne. The last male Targaryen.

As love seems to be fading between Jon and Dany, Arya lays Needle down long enough to be pricked by Gendry. It wasn’t as romantic as it was… brutally honest. But why beat around the bush when any moment an icicle could make you a grateful undead.

All these last rites are happening as Brienne becomes one of the guys. After dodging Tormund’s giant come-ons, Jamie makes her dream come true, knighting her as a sworn sword of the Seven Kingdoms. All this pomp and circumstance ends as the horns bellow, warning of the enemies arrival.

Episdoe three has been forcasted as the battle to end all cinematic battles. A whopping 70-minutes awaits us next Sunday. Pray to the Gods; the old and the new. And to the Lord of Light, too.

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