E.L.N.: Headaches & Heartbreak #GOT #KillingEve

Sunday night delivered the goods as both my stories shifted into turbo. The budding relationship at the center of BBC America’s Killing Eve takes a dive with volatile consequences. And the Battle of Winterfell pits our valiant Stark/Targaryean clan against the long night’s maestro.

After losing Villanelle’s trail, Konstantin and Carolyn make it their mission to keep our Romeo & Juliet apart. Carolyn forces Eve to focus on their ghost assassin, who is silently picking off anyone orbiting the recently deceased elder Peele. Suspicions now center on his son Adam, who immediately lawyers up.

Meanwhile Villanelle is continuing her new mission, another associate of the Peele family. She wickedly hatches a plan to kill two birds with one stone. She publicly mutilates a philandering husband at a brothel, and makes sure to send her calling card to M16. Expecting to see Eve arrive on the scene, Villanelle is heartbroken when another agent is assigned the case. This is the straw that breaks her back.

V goes on a substance bender, suppressing her feelngs until she unleashes her hurt upon an obnoxious blonde in a bathroom stall. If not for Konstantin, our disheveled anti-hero would have had unnecessary blood on her hand.

Meanwhile Eve pours more into her work, inching closer to the Ghost. When they finally bing her location, we see Eve flexing her true strength. It really solidified how smart and competent Eve is at her job. I wish she’d keep that same energy in her marraige. Niko drifts farther apart, and her horny coworker’s flirting isn’t going to help.

Can’t wait to see Eve interviewing the fellow Asian woman of color playing the benign
killer cleaning lady .

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