E.L.N.: Headaches & Heartbreak #GOT #KillingEve

Switching lanes Game of Thrones finally brought us the battle of all battles. After two episodes of strategy and swan songs, Winterfell played cemetery for hundreds of Unsullied, Wildlings and all of the Dothraki. Not to mention two minor-major characters, and at least one dragon.

Episode three brought the living against the dead as the Night King and his army descended upon the Stark home. While most viewers assumed we’d lose most of our roster, things didn’t go exactly as planned. We did lose our two Mormonts in Jorah and Layanna; and Theon Greyjoy sacrificed himself in defense of Brandon Stark.

As for the others, a lot of writer’s luck. Samwell was saved by Edd, who took a blade to the back. Jorah defended his queen until the end. The Lord of Light’s favorite child laid his seventh life down for the Hound and Arya. And speaking of Arya, the girl who had no name, stepped into the Red Woman’s prophecy to deliver the surprise of the evening; the death blow to the Night King and his entire fleet.

As the ice dust settles, we have most of our favorite characters still on this side of the Seven Kingdoms. Jamie, Brienne and Podrick all held their own. Tormund and Sam managed to resist. After many commonfolk perished, Sansa, Tyrion, Gilly and Varys survived the siege in the crypt. And because of his sister’s quick wit, Aegon Jon Snow Targaryaen escaped the ice dragon’s wrath.

Oh – and more importantly both Grey Worm and Missandre survived.

However, with three whole-ass episodes left, how will GOT warp up? Cersei cannot possibly defend King’s Landing from a dragon, a legion of Unsullied and others, can she? How much fighting will there actually be? Will we get two more strategy episodes, with possible infighting? After expecting total decimation, I’m at a loss for words of how they plan to ultimately end this tale.

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