E.L.N.: Eve sinks deeper into the abyss of Villanelle #KillingEve

Last night’s episode of Killing Eve found our conflicted M16 agent ebb deeper into Villanelle’s orbit. As their odd pairing to catch Aaron Peele intensifies, the reigns of control become too lax.

Eve is becoming more aware of how her proximity to Villanelle is affecting her mentally. As she and Hugo stakeout Peele through Villanelle’s eyes, the hunted and hunter are becoming one. Her honest scene with the team’s therapist revealed she knows she’s drifted too from from the shore. But does she want to retreat?

Elsewhere Villanelle’s interactions with Peele reveal he is far more dangerous than previously perceived. While their abrupt confrontation teased V as having an upper hand, Peele’s extent of control seems far more insidious. His ulterior motives are also revealed as he seems to be a more sinister, psychotic Mark Zuckerberg using information as currency to eliminate adversaries.

Not only is this mission with Peele more than what any expected, it’s charging Villanelle’s cravings like a nuclear reactor. Her affection for Eve drives her to find Niko, yet again. This time in a storage room with his new fling Gemma. I guess V calls herself avenging Eve; or, finally freeing her from marital bondage so she can have her all to herself. She promises not to hurt Niko, knowing Eve would never forgive her. Gemma, on the other hand, isn’t so lucky.

The episode closes with Eve surrendering more to Villanelle’s spell. Like a dame to a vampire, the two share an explicit evening together mentally. As Eve gives in to Hugo’s flirtation, it is Villanelle’s voice in her head stroking her ego.

This season has been beautifully tragic, never ceasing to amaze. In the same vein of Hannibal, the mental play between our two leads is some of the most satisfying work on television. I cannot wait to see how their unification affects the others around them.

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