Hate is a Strong Word: Game of Thrones series finale #GOT #SeriesFinale

Sunday evening HBO’s eight-year run of Game of Thrones came to an end. Unlike many fans I haven’t spent the last decade or so stuck to the television every Sunday evening. I joined the party this February. Called myself catching up on the fantasy phenom, realizing I should have watched a long time ago.

The story was stellar; the characters cunning; the action cinematic; the shade ominous. It delivered something TV had never seen before outside of cable airings of LORT or Harry Potter. All those years of dedication to the Starks, Lannisters and everyone in-between promised a shortened finale. Many anticipated hysteria – and early on we received it.

The slow burn beginning was preparing us for mass deaths of beloved characters. We just knew the Night King and them was gon slaughter the North and Daeny’s troops. Instead, we get some minor killings and the end of the Army of the Dead.

OK. A detour – but we still have the descent upon King’s Landing with two dragons, the Unsullied, Dothraki and North. Right? Wrong. A sneak attack and Daeny is left with one child, depleted forces and no Missandei. Given she’s lost almost everything, sis isn’t here to play mind games with Cersei.

King’s Landing and all those devoted to the Lannister queen must go. It wasn’t mad, it was on brand and necessary if Daeny was going to rule a new world. That’s how the game is played, right? Evidently not.

That’s right – Daenarys, which many called, perished. At the hand of her lover/nephew. In a very anti-climatic scene. And that ends the rule of the Mother of Dragons. Not only did her death feel to error-free, it clearly never intended for this strong female character to ever really rule, or shift her rule to what so many believed she could do.

After this death, the show could have ended right there. Actually it could have ended with The Bells, but that’s a different article. Instead, we get a Disney Inclusion Ride ending with the blacks goin back to where they came from; Tyrion and Jon getting of scot-free; and, the new world being as white and male as it began.

These mofos establish a democracy to install BRAN as King – Bran the Broken – and the last Lannister as his Hand. Sansa – the smartest person on this show – becomes queen of the North. Arya sails west of Westoros. And Jon is banished to live with the Wildlings.

The end. The end? THE END!

A show which built itself on suspense and surprise upon good writing and character development ditched all that for a somber unrealistic ending. Rushed and incomplete, the finale flopped. Flopulous. Utterly disappointed.

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