E.L.N.: “You’re Mine” #KillingEve S2 finale #recap #spoiler #bbcamerica #amc

It’s a thin line between love and hate. And on the season two finale of BBC America’s Killing Eve, a price is paid for playing footsie with a sociopathic line stepper.

This twisted tale of blood-crossed lovers came to a shocking conclusion in the season finale of Killing Eve. As the covert mission to catch a predator goes awry, both Eve and Villanelle make choices that change their trajectories forever.

Last we saw our peculiar partners, they were basking in afterglow. The mental threesome Eve enjoyed with Villanelle through Hugo left them both vulnerable. So much so they make a fatal mistake. Aaron Peele leads Villanelle to discover his murderous secret, and in a flippant moment, she mistakenly alerts Eve with their safe word.

In the attempt to respond to the call for backup, Eve and M16’s hideout is exposed. Somehow the Twelve – and possibly Mr. Peele – discover the sting. Eve barely misses death when a gunned assassin breaks into her hotel room. Hugo, unfortunately, bides her time. After a comical exchange with one of the killers, Eve fast tails to Villanelle.

To her unpleasant surprise, Villanelle is not in danger. But Aaron, aware of the plot, offers Villanelle the opportunity to work for him. In one of the tensest moments of the season, Villanelle asks if he wants her to kill Eve. He concurs, sayind also wants to watch. Villanelle stands, grabs a steak knife and effortlessly cuts his throat. Even in death, he pleasurably smirks as the bloods floods from his trachea.

Eve angrily hurries back to Hugo, who is miraculously gone. Not only is his bloodied body missing, so is all their equipment and recordings. Eve thinks The Twelve have absconded with their evidence when there’s a knock at the door. Enter Carolyn.

Calm, cool and collected, Carolyn explains their clean up team took care of everything. When Eve insists they leave as the Twelve is on their tail. But Carolyn reassures her everything went according to plan. They never intended to keep a threat like Aaron Peele alive. M16 used Eve’s vulnerability toward Villanelle to fuel the killer instinct. They’ve eliminated Peele with their hands clean.

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