E.L.N.: “You’re Mine” #KillingEve S2 finale #recap #spoiler #bbcamerica #amc

Appalled Eve quits the job, and wants to take her chances with Villanelle. She’s put to the test when Villanelle’s life is in danger. After discovering Konstantin betrayed her for his family, Villanelle returns to the hotel to find Raymond. The handler has brought an ax to finish her off.

V shows no fear until he mentions Eve, alluding to her body being in one of the rooms. The two come to blows; him pinning her to a wall, hands gripped around her throat. Just as Villanelle’s face begins to turn shades of blue, who else but Eve appears taking the ax in hand.

Raymond doesn’t think she has the nerve. And he’s right. Villanelle desperately charges Eve to cement her fate, humorously resulting in her lodging the blade in Raymond’s shoulder. Merely a flesh wound for the hired assassin, Villanelle coaxes Eve into finishing the job. Three strikes to his head lends Eve her first kill.

Villanelle is smitten. She quickly takes the visibly shaken Eve by the hand as they escape to an empty countryside. Here Villanelle is convinced they’ve reached a happily ever after ending. But Eve comes to her senses realizing Villanelle could have disposed of Raymond with the gun from her waistband. Eve’s fog dissipates to rage and disgust.

Eve makes it clear they are NOT the same, nothing is alright and they don’t belong together. Confused, Villanelle reminds Eve that this is what she wanted. To her dismay, Eve dismisses her admirer and sets out to walk away – forgetting that the killing sociopath, who is now heartbroken, still has a loaded gun.

One shot and Eve is laid out on the ground.

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