E.L.N.: “You’re Mine” #KillingEve S2 finale #recap #spoiler #bbcamerica #amc

Do I think Eve is dead? Of course not. This misdirection is similar to the season one ending, except the roles of victim and perpetrator have reversed. Villanelle sees the person she loves turn on her and enacts finite revenge. The only person she deemed as valuable, worthy of life, rejected her.

Eve, who so profoundly wanted to live that life, only wanted to wear the killer instinct as it benefited her. Once again she became naive of Vill’s true nature. But it’s odd how quickly she forgot who and what Villanelle is capable. She believed Villanelle would kill her, no questions asked. But in this moment, where she thinks she has control of the situation, Villanelle humbles Eve. Reminding her that once again she doesn’t need her or anyone else.

Where will season three take us? Is Nico ever getting out of that storage compartment? And as a fugitive for murder, (assuming she survived) what does life look like for Eve Polastri? Another smartly written and well-acted season finished.

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