No Concessions: #ThePerfection tackles real horror in this wacky “social thriller”

Friday evening I cautiously digested Netflix’s newest major flick, The Perfection. The project first caught my attention last year, as it was set to pair Logan Browning (Dear White People) with everyone’s favorite scary white woman, Allison Williams (Get Out). I hadn’t thought of the movie since, until the trailer arrived a few weeks ago.

Between Williams’ menacing smirk, a hatchet and projectile vomiting, Netflix twitter wanted nothing and everything to do with this movie. Directed by Richard Shepard, The Perfection takes the “social thriller” (for lack of a better term) genre Jordan Peele cemented, and places it from a female perspective. Without giving too much away, it’s a timely message that doesn’t try to hide facts under art or similes.

The best way to describe the hour and 30 minutes: Showgirls meets Black Swan with cellos. It’s sexy, imaginative, camp horror minced with a societal edge. Williams is amazingly haunting as Charlotte, a prodigy cellist who seeks to reunite with her childhood instructor and mentor. It’s here she meets Browning’s Elizabeth Wells, the current muse and star of her instructor’s eye, played by Chris Weber.

The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, except when it does. That could be a little jarring for some, but the endearing message it’s examining makes it worth your time. Watch The Perfection now on Netflix.

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