E.L.N: #Luther loses in the end of uneven series 5

Idris Elba returned to familiar territory in the fifth (and hopefully final) season of BBC’s Luther, in which Elba plays brilliantly-tortured DCI John Luther. This new season brought a new villain while keeping us intact with old foes. But did it stick its landing? See our thoughts after the jump. *Spoilers ahead*

Lorin’s thoughts

With reboot culture running a muck, announcement for another installment of Luther finally came to fruition. The rumors of a fifth series and film permeated the blogs nonstop. Then some time last year Elba announced he would return to the titular role.

But was all the hype worth the final product? We’ve seen this chase to reclaim former glory with certain franchises, with many missing their mark. While I thoroughly enjoyed the series, something went awry midway that made last night’s conclusion a bit unsavory.

I loved the villainous duo. It was smart to have this couple engaged in the husband’s twisted obsession. The tense, unnerving fear watching Dr. Lake play with an unsuspecting victim was haunting. Exactly what I expect from the show. The series was strong when focusing on this narrative.

What I didn’t care for so much was the Alice story line. I’m glad she returned and understood her motives, but somewhere along the line, she became muddled. I wasn’t sure exactly why Alice was upset with John, and her violent tantrum felt undeserved (Her killing Catherine to hurt John was wholly unnecessary). I wish we had more episodes to explore it fully.

Will this be the end of Luther? With Alice gone and two partners dead it would be interesting to see if John even has a job. But with talks of a film and Alice Morgan spin-off (prequel?), the narrative may live on. Just not sure if I’ll be actually interested.

Brandon’s thoughts after the jump

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