N.O.T.: Q2

With a new month underway, we look back on the TV that was the second quarter. We received the finale of HBO saga Game of Thrones, the third seasons of This Is Us and Riverdale and plenty of streamable alternatives. Peep the recap after the jump.

On My Block

The second season of Netflix’s On My Block saw our four best friends cope with the aftermath of their actions from season one. Monse experienced the mother she never had, only to receive the ugly truth on why her parents’ marriage failed. Jamal faced peril at every corner trying to clean dirty money. Cesar found himself homeless after shaming his family and breaking gang code. And Ruby struggled with loss and PTSD after being the one who survived.

This season’s dramatic themes mixed extremely well with the overall comedic tinges. Ruby’s processing of what happened to him was written perfectly. It explored a vulnerability many children in these environments are pressured into not expressing. I also appreciated the colorism explored in Monse’s backstory. The fact a series based on Latinx characters explored this issue is phenomenal.

In addition to these dramatic flares, we received comic relief in the return of Ruby’s older Mario, who returns home from college with a pregnancy scare. And in great fashion, Jasmine continued to shine as the fifth musketeer – hilarious and heartwarming as we saw more of her backstory. I really hope we see her have a bigger role, especially with the way the season ended.

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