N.O.T.: Q2

The Chi

Barton Fitzpatrick as Reg in THE CHI (Season 2, Episode 02, “Every Day I\’m Hustlin\'”). – Photo: Parrish Lewis/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: THECHI_202_1375

Lean Waithe’s The Chi on Showtime upped the drama this season with the arrival of a new adversary, the growth of several characters and sadly the departure of two, technically. As there are too many narratives to highlight each one, let’s just scroll the major moving parts.

First, the elephant in this recap. Jason Mitchell was fired after multiple accusations of sexual harassment. As a result the show also lost Tiffany Boothe’s character of Jerikka. Hopefully they recast Brandon as he will be central to season three’s narrative in bringing down the new threat.

This threat is a generous businessman whose legal success is fueled by illegal maneuvers of the 63rd Street Mob. His sudden interest in Brandon’s food truck, paired with a string of violent home invasions, reveal a plot to gentrify the neighborhood for his own gain. Brandon will become the eyes and ears of the police as they conspire to bring Douda down.

In addition to this main story, Kevin ponders transferring schools. Ronnie comes face to face with the source of his demons. Emmett steps up with another baby on the way. And Jake finds himself a ward of the state as his brother Reg is gunned down in broad daylight. With a mid-season renewal, season three will be the ultimate test to see if The Chi has more to come.

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