N.O.T.: Q2

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

Freeform continues to amaze with it’s new slate of woke-Disney programming. Season two did not disappoint with a story line that traced the violence of human trafficking and themes of generational trauma. As Tandy and Tyrone advanced in their pursuit of heroism, their insecurities forced them to retreat to familiar terrains of hopelessness.

As they fought a God who found solace in others’ despair, they faced their greatest fears. Tandy can not escape the pain her father inflicted as she and her mother strive to repair their relationship. Ty evades the police as a wanted cop killer, until his victim miraculously returns. And Bridget meets her match in the Roxxon-created evil twin of hers, Mayhem.

The series examined race, class, sexual violence and impostor syndrome, all while toting characters who throw blades of light and transport people to different dimensions. The season finale sees our Divine Pairing taking their show on the road, hinting at a possible crossover with some fellow teen heroes on the West coast.

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