N.O.T.: Q2


Season three tends to be a chore to get through. Not only does the CW insist on airing the series from mid-October to May, it’s a complete clusterfux of soap and teen dream tropes. I wish we could hasten back to the early season one stories, but the citizens of Riverdale, USA have reached the point of no return.

I haven’t been able to finish this season, which is rare. I fell off around the “Heathers” episode with intent to watch the rest on Netflix. But I’m finding it difficult to wedge back into that world. The mystery of the Farm and the Gargoyle King feels dragged out along with our protagonist not doing much of anything now. I’m really just awaiting Josie’s exit to NYC so I can see her play second fiddle to a white girl, rather than the 15th fiddle she plays now.

As much as I chide the show for the outlandish plot developments, I will most likely stick with it. Especially in the wake of the unfortunate loss of Luke Perry. Curiosity has me wondering how they handle his departure.

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