N.O.T.: Q2

This Is Us

After finally revealing how Jack perished in the 90s, NBC’s hit drama pulled a trick in the season two finale, flash forwarding to the future. An older Randall picking up adult Tess; a lone Toby in a apartment without Kate; and, everyone talking about how they have to go visit her. We didn’t know who this mystery woman was, but we knew who we didn’t see: Susan Kelechi Watson’s Beth or Chrissy Metz’s Kate.

Questions began swirling about the status of these relationships – and season three definitely put them two the test. Beth losing her job and supporting Randall’s pursuit as mayor felt in vain as he didn’t reciprocate the support as she chased her dreams. The early arrival of Kate & Toby’s baby brings unnecessary stress, riling up Toby’s depression. Kevin finds his long-lost uncle, but falls off the wagon. Season three saw our happy collective family turn on each other.

But through the tense arguing and tears, there were moments of joy. The family began to heal the rift between them and their Uncle Nicky, and we discover Randall and Beth don’t get a divorce. But it’s revealed the her our future Pearson’s referred to was matriarch Rebecca, who is bed ridden from some arthritic condition. Don’t toss those Kleenex just yet, cause #TearsRUs has some more tear ducts to empty. I’ll be ready Sept. 24.

Congrats to Sterling K, Milo and (finally) Mandy on their acting Emmy nods.

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